Jerusalem Watchman | 2014 August

August 2014

Israel in your face

“Whoever is on the Lord’s side—come to me!”  (Exodus 32:26b) * Israel’s 2014 war against Hamas in Gaza is only a forerunner of what is to come – for Israel, for the Muslim-Arab world, for the nations, and for every Christian on earth. We should…

25 Aug 2014 Posted by Stan in Comfort My people, Israel in Prophecy 28 comments

Israel, what are you doing?

You pipe electricity to Gaza, drop leaflets over your intended targets to give your enemy time to escape and live to fight another day, put your own soldiers lives at risk rather than endanger the lives of Israel-hating Gazans. You send medical and humanitarian aid…

13 Aug 2014 Posted by Stan in Battle for the land 25 comments