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Betrayal with a kiss

Betrayal with a kiss

News item: “The Czech Republic may find it increasingly difficult to maintain its largely pro-Israel stance should the Jewish state fail to take viable steps toward establishing a Palestinian state and achieving regional peace,” Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek warned Israel Monday (June 8, 2015). He slammed the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for building homes for Jews in Israel’s ancient heartland. “As a close friend of yours, it is important for the Czech Republic to say that if the situation does not change it will be hard to maintain our position” [as your friends], Zaorálek said, according to the Times of Israel.

The Czech’s comments closely echoed those made by US President Barack Obama earlier this month, “highlighting growing frustration with Israel over the lack of peace progress from two of the country’s most steadfast allies”.

Who on earth, one is left wondering, do the American and Czech (and other so-called friends of Israel) think that they are? And who do they think they are dealing with?

Do they honestly believe that they want peace more than Israel does? Do they really believe that they know what’s good for Israel better than Israel does?

Can they truly be so awfully arrogant as to stand and wag a finger at Israel -scolding or condemning this little nation that for decades has had to survive the keffiyeh-sporting, shark-infested waters of the Muslim Middle East?

It is the height of hubris for nations that know no existential threat to tell people who have been offering their sons and daughters on the altar of compulsory military service and fielding them in war after war after war that they are not serious about peace.

And they sink to the depths of dishonesty, those nations who continue to insist that Israel – which has done far, far more than any other nation in the history of the world to make peace with its enemies – is to blame for the absence of peace.

Obama and Zaorálek, don’t be absurd. What do you know about what generations of Israelis have had to bear? What do you know about the sleepless nights and stomach-knotting fear that countless Jews go through today every time there is a spike in violence from the Hamas in Gaza or the Hizballah in Lebanon, who – as the terror chief of that group did just a week ago – threatens to burn half of Israel with fire?

Do you honestly think you know how to teach Israel to make peace? Does your conceit really reach so high?

Why is it, President Obama, that I have never heard you stand up and say to the Palestinian Arabs (or their masters in the Arab League), “Your hatred of the Jews and your commitment to Israel’s destruction are the obstacles to peace.” Why have I never heard European leaders say to Mahmoud Abbas or to Yasser Arafat before him, “Your hands are drenched in Jewish blood; your bloodlust that has you sending Arab terrorists to murder Jews, your incessant spreading of anti-Semitic hatred and poisoning of the minds of your own people against the Jews is the real reason there is no peace in the Middle East.”

Somebody needs to tell Obama and Zaorálek and other western leaders a few home truths. When they rail against the democratically elected government of a country they are railing against the voting population. They are opposing the democratic will of the nation.

And in Israel’s case, the nation has only just re-elected Netanyahu, giving him their vote of confidence in the face of brazen efforts by the United States and Europe to coerce or scare Israelis away from supporting him.

Israel should tell these men to take a hike. If these are the kind of friends they are going to be – these “Judeo-Christian” countries who, emulating the spirit of Martin Luther, are only friendly as long as the Jews are open to being ‘converted’ to their ‘two state solution’ and threaten to turn against them when they don’t play ball – well, Israel hardly needs friends like them.

Obama, Zaorálek – you are enemies of the will of the Israeli people. Either keep quiet or stop portraying yourselves as friends.

Or do you betray Israel with a kiss?

Your arrogance is reaching to the heavens. And Heaven has warned that it will respond. It matters not whether you are the Islam-empathizing president of the United States, or the foreign minister of the most secular country in Europe that has little room for God – the Lord will deal with you.

Instead of championing the nation you fall over yourselves to insist that you love and care for, a nation that just a few decades ago faced extinction, and which would face extinction again if the Arab world had its way – you are siding with Israel’s enemies and playing ‘diplomatic’ games with the fate of His people.

Christians in these nations – in any nation that is – which against international law and morality and fairness and righteousness are trying to impose their will on Israel, to force Israel to assent to the creation of a state of Palestine: it’s past time to stop pussyfooting around these issues; it’s time to wake up. Your nation’s fates are in the balances.

Devastation will come to your countries if your leaders insist on pushing Israel to take steps you know threaten her with destruction.

The God of Israel is on the way. When He arrives to judge our nations, His anger is going to be terrible.


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10 Jun 2015 16 comments
  • David June 21, 2015 at 01:09 /

    Thankyou for such a clear word
    canada can thank the Lord for Stephen
    We do pray that our friends to the south will have a change of heart and it will be reflected in the next election.
    I have a real soft spot in my heart for the US as it has been so used of the Lord in the past and so many of it’s citizens have a real love for the Lord and a love for Israel.
    we are in a real spiritual battle and the weapons of our warfare are not carnel.
    pray for Canada as well as we have an election coming up and many would like to see Stephen Harper removed
    we need to pray that the Lord will raise up many fearless bold and righteous vioces in the media that will speak the truth no matter what the cost

  • Brian and Anne Nelson June 18, 2015 at 16:07 /

    We are living in the time of God separating the Goat and Sheep nations. We urgently must pray for our individual nations.
    Blessings and Shalom, Stan, Franny and your precious Family

  • Barbara Flewelling June 17, 2015 at 02:28 /

    Thank you again, Stan. I need not express my agreement to your message…. You know my heart! Stand firm in Yeshua’s strength, and know that you are held up in prayer by many! Shalom, shalom…

  • Arthur Wright June 12, 2015 at 05:12 /

    Why would these politicians think that they know best for Israel ? That easy after all these politicians are humanist and secularist truth is relative to them. After all according to their philosophy they are evolving into gods . So why would they not thin that they know what is best for Israel.

  • Ruud Meuws June 12, 2015 at 00:47 /

    Stan, I very much would want to say something to President Obama, about the fact that Jews born in Jerusalem, can’t get Israel as country of birth in their passport.

    Mr. Obama, the Jewish People lived 3000 years in Israel and Jerusalem. There were a few short times in this period, where they were thrown out, but they always came back. This in contrast to America. Not only did America steal all the land it possesses from the people who lived there (falsely called Indians), but they murdered far more than 6 million of them. Therefore America in its entirety is an illegal state, according to international law. And therefore your Supreme Court is illegal too and can’t rule anything and surely cannot forbid to put Israel as birthplace in the passport of Jews born in Jerusalem. The United States of America should give back all the land to the original people. Perhaps the original people are so merciful to give you a kind of two-state-solution. Once you did that, you might ask Israel to accept a two-state-solution, if you still would exist as nation, of course.

    To Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek I would say: If you are for a two-state-solution for Israel, why don’t you invite all the Germans, who you forced out from Sudetenland in 1945, back and offer them a two-state-solution?

  • Linke June 11, 2015 at 18:59 /

    The time for Obama is more than over. He is like a fruit that is no more suitable. We only can pray that the Republican Party will win the next elections. Because the Republican Party is more for Israel.

  • joan gerus June 11, 2015 at 08:39 /

    Thank you for speaking out fearlessly – so many are intimidated by the powers that be. It’s a pleasure to read your articles.

  • joan gerus June 11, 2015 at 08:30 /

    I am from Canada and our present Conservative government is in full co-operation with Israel but unfortunately we are not a nation of heavy artillery but would do anything we could to aid Israel – our PM Stephen Harper is a staunch supporter of Israel and stands up to any bully nation, such as Russia in their aggression towards the Ukraine and Poland etc. Long live the Netanyahu government in Israel – he believes he will be in power when the Messiah appears and I believe it too. Shalom…..

  • Dee June 11, 2015 at 04:41 /

    They can not hear that Islam is saying “the name of Israel will be wiped out never to be heard again”. They are blinded because they received not the love of the truth”. 2 Thessalonians. 2:10. We Christians in America STAND WITH ISRAEL, come what may and much is coming . Thank you again Stan.

  • Wilma June 10, 2015 at 19:49 /

    Stan, I know how you feel but please do not make the mistake of thinking that the American people are being represented by the things that this man in our nation’s capitol is saying and posturing Israel for. Nay, think not because the American Christians and even most of those who have no desire to be connected to any church, do not support Barack Hussain Obama in any manner of his ideology towards Israel. He can say anything he so desires but that does not mean the rest of us support him in it. Our problem is about the same as it was in Nazi Germany prior to the first shot being fired. A bunch of Socialist Academics are warping the minds of the young people with proven rhetoric that espouses Socialist Minded politics and because our institutions are so highly positioned in the minds of the citizens, they are getting by with it.
    There are more ways than one to stop them but it is going to be according to God’s Word and not so much of our responding in like manner with those who will bring about the One Word Government. Consider this as a constant Word given by Jesus Christ to his decibels when he asked , ‘who do you say that I am?’ and Peter answered him ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God’. Jesus responded first to Peter but it was for the whole church, and yes, I know the arguments that the RCC has in this regard. However, Peter was not a RCC and Jesus words were a permanent promise to all of us who Believe, he said the Gates of hell shall not prevail against that truth or even against the Church that Christ establishes. That is not denominational promises; it is for the whole body of Christ and God will always fulfill the Promises of Jesus Christ. The same yesterday, today and for ever.

  • Jeri Carter June 10, 2015 at 17:36 /

    Stan; My heart ache’s for my brothers & sisters in Israel and just know that (WHERE EVER I STAND I STAND FOR ISRAEL.)Stan I have been watching a video on youtube called( THE ISLAMIC CONNECTION: CATHOLIC AND MUSLIMS ARE RAN BY THE SAME POWERS) by,WALTER J.VEITH, And he is from South Africa, Very good teaching about who is running who. History and facts with biblical quotes he has 36 teaching on this. Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the WORLD LEADERS ARE JUST PUPPET’S ON A STRING. Jerusalem is in my prayers..But our FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER. WHEN I GET YOUR POST IT’S THE FIRST ONE I READ..

  • Vic June 10, 2015 at 16:07 /

    Stan, I am totally in your camp and on your side. I am a pastor who has been preaching about the restoration of Israel and warning of the consequences of replacement theology for years. Your summation of Martin Luther’s position on the Jews is spot on. His theology, along with so much of the theology that has taken hold in Christendom, was developed prior to 1948 at a time when Israel “wasn’t.” Now that Israel “is,” the demonically inspired replacement theology is entrenching itself in other ways, not the least of which is the so-called peace process that demands Israel give up more and more of her G-d-given land.

    Your comment about Obama and others poking their fingers in the eyes of the Israeli citizens who have just re-elected Netanyahu is also compelling. Sadly, if you use the same argument for the fact that Obama is still the president of the United States, those of us who sound the alarm about the severe consequences set for nations and leaders who curse Israel are accused of poking our fingers in the eyes of those who re-elected him. After all, he was voted into office, as well.

    It’s been said that citizens get the leadership they deserve. Thankfully, Israel has chosen wisely. May JHVH help those nations, including the United States, who have chosen badly.

  • Matt June 10, 2015 at 10:46 /

    Yes, I’m from Czech Republic and I feel a big pain in my heart, because of Mr. Zaorálek :-(
    Please, forgive me… There are already some public reactions, but… no power to take him down from his post in Czech government. No power of man, but God has the power to do this.

  • AnnaSwain June 10, 2015 at 09:09 /

    I Echo your Post above….Pray that UK and many friends in other nations stay true to THE WORD OF G=D Anna

  • Carole June 10, 2015 at 06:35 /

    Well-spoken, Stan. It is such a grief to my heart to hear our leader speak such things as I am fully aware of the Lord’s warnings. My only comfort is in knowing the Lord will fulfill all His covenant promises. My prayers for the peace of Jerusalem will not cease.

  • Lalin Henderson June 10, 2015 at 06:29 /

    Thank you Stan for speaking out forceably and truthfully; tis about time someone did. Far too many world leaders are being deceived by Obama and his ever reaching tentacles. Please know there are many in the US who are as upset as you are. Obama does not serve the people of this nation; he is self-serving to his own agenda and most of the current congress is as well. Yes, God Yehovah is watching and HE is taking names……….HIS word is true…….”I will bless those who bless thee and will curse those who curse thee”. These people apparently have no clue as to what the GOD of Creation is capable of in HIS WRATH. I suspect we all are about to learn just how serious this is going to be for these anti-Israel nations. Thank you again, Stan.