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Let’s give Israel a present

Let’s give Israel a present

‘Palestinian’ journalist: France wants to give Arabs a gift.

Despite Israel’s solid objections to the convening, before year’s end, of a conference the French hope will “help relaunch the Middle East peace process” – and irrespective of Israel’s quietly resolved rejection of an invitation to attend, Paris is reportedly proceeding with its plans.

According to The Jerusalem Post (November 18), the French are fearful that, in President François Hollande’s reported words (which he subsequently denied having said), if US President-elect Donald Trump maintains the unequivocal pro-Israel position he projected during his election campaign, “the international community cannot come together to support the peace process [meaning that] the very commitment to peace and the future of the process will be in danger.”

Writing on November 17 Khaled Abu Toameh, an Arab journalist noted for his courageous coverage of this process that has moved the Middle East further away from – and not one iota nearer to – peace, warned:

“The French would do well to abandon their plan for convening [this] conference… Declaring a Palestinian state in the Security Council only makes them look as if their actual goal is to destroy Israel — and they know it. …. Many in Europe, particularly France, seem be aching to do just that — as a “present” to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to show how submissive they can be; to encourage more “business” with Muslim states, and, they might hope, to deter more terrorist attacks.“

The PLO (AKA Palestinian Authority) has praised the French and committed to attend.

And indeed, France’s love affair with the Arabs runs long and deep.

Stupidly, blindly, it has not learned the painful lessons of appeasement that led to its occupation and rape by Nazi Germany just a few short decades ago.

Its response to the vicious acts of Islamic terrorism in Paris (January 2015), Paris again (November 2015) and Nice (July 2016) is to submit itself to the Islamic world.

Look where it’s got them. In December 2014 the French parliament voted unilaterally to recognise the “State of Palestine.” The act was symbolic (non-governmental), but despite its being followed by successive waves of Islamic terror, the Hollande government warned Israel in January this year that it will officially recognise “Palestine” if its efforts to push the process ahead fail.

They are set on giving the ‘Palestinians’ a gift.

What say we give Israel a gift?

If there is one thing that terrifies the Palestinian Arabs (and all the Arab states) more than anything, it is that the United States under Donald Trump will now break the consensus that they (the Arabs) have brought about through threats and acts of violence and indeed carry out his campaign promise to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

How they fear it. And how, in typical Arab fashion, they have reacted to the possibility by levelling the barrel of their bullet-less gun at the incoming administration and warned that they will use all the weapons at their disposal (AKA the UN General Assembly which they control by fear of terrorism) to make life miserable for America if it happens.

I know that President-elect Donald Trump has made his promises about moving the embassy to Jerusalem. I want to believe that he will. He’s unlike all of his predecessors.

Yet one of his Middle East policy advisors – Walid Phares – has tried to dampen our expectations by saying that Trump will not move without a consensus.

So I’m not waiting for him. I’m looking to a handful of other countries with Judeo-Christian underpinnings – including one at the uttermost parts of the earth – to change the consensus.

Unlike the Arabists in France (and most of Europe) Australians, who as a nation have more consistently than any other been mates with the Jewish people and their state for the past 100 years, have a potential present of their own to give Israel when Binyamin Netanyahu becomes the first sitting Israeli prime minister ever to visit Australia in February.

Netanyahu has not shown fear. Maligned and hated by so many, he has steered the ship of government in Israel with wisdom and shrewdness, walking the unenviable and often seemingly unwalkable tightrope between keeping America as an ally and not being intimidated by Washington into endangering the six million Jews under his protection.

How about we encourage him? How about we encourage Israel? How about we – Christian Zionists in our nations who KNOW that this ‘peace process’ is *immoral and who are ashamed of the way our countries are pushing Israel towards the edge of a cliff which the creation of Palestine would certainly be – demonstrate the courage we are always calling on Israel to show?

How about we head over to our senators and congressmen and MPs and call on our governments to stand with the indigenous people of the land of Israel – the Jews – and their claim to their 3000-year old capital (which, shamefully no nation on earth has de facto supported so far) and move our embassies to Jerusalem?

Nothing – nothing! – will so effectively throw a boulder into the path of the ‘two state solution’ as this body blow to the Arab-aspiration to have “Palestine” for their state and Jerusalem for their capital.


* Why immoral? Because no country has the right to try and take another nation’s ancestral land and give it to somebody else, no matter how ‘rational’ an argument they might make for doing so. Just as Great Britain and France -even if they were in no state to confront the Nazis themselves – had no right whatsoever to take the Sudetenland from the Czechs and give it to Adolf Hitler – a land for peace plan that in fact guaranteed the outbreak of World War II.) On top of this after the Holocaust the Jewish people, who are, after all, the “older brother” of us Christians, warrant the protection and the total support of our own Judeo-Christian nations. They do not need us to try and play the honest broker with the Arab world.

19 Nov 2016 6 comments
  • wilhma smith November 21, 2016 at 13:34 /

    Thanks Stan. As promised I wrote to our PM and my letter was forwarded to the Foreign Office so that the viewpoit I expressed is known. We’ll have to wait and see.
    Our most powerful weapon is trusting prayer and then the pen to show our stand to the powers that He has put in place and that He can remove.

  • Denise Musgrave November 21, 2016 at 00:59 /

    Hi Stan, yes this is a timely call to get active contacting our MPs and state the above. Believers arise! We are a mighty army with the ANZAC Spirit. Let us continue to fight for Israel’s right to an undivided land and capital!

  • Linda and Igor Demjen November 21, 2016 at 00:52 /

    The two state solution is not a peace process. It is a certain guarantee of war.

  • Graham Coffey November 20, 2016 at 03:40 /

    While dare say not a Christian comment to make, I look at France…and for that matter a number of Western and Eastern European countries, for the past 100 years odd…and note nothing more than trails of pointless, yet loathsomely engineered, appeasing collaboration…resulting in the carnage, and indiscriminate deaths of many millions of people.

    Without citing the never ending list of France’s historic duplicity, I literally cringe….with fear, for the lives of totally innocent or unaffected souls, whenever I see France don its’ overcoat of ‘international statesmanship’ .

    When an apple is (politically) rotten to the core….no amount of external cosmetic dressing is about to refresh, or re-enrich it’s inner flesh.

    I can only hope that Donald Trump carries through with his platform pledge…in relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem. To this end, I , along with friends I have asked to assist, have forwarded written requests to my own – Australian – Government to immediately follow suit….if not lead the way.

  • Roy McCrindle November 20, 2016 at 02:21 /

    Well said Stan. I will write to our FM to set the ball rolling.

  • Donna Bealer November 20, 2016 at 01:20 /

    Absolutely correct, once again!