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New Zealand warning

New Zealand warning

It was sobering hearing about the powerful earthquake that struck New Zealand just after midnight on November 14. I have been to Christchurch a few times recently, seen evidence of the 2011 quake and heard from residents about its ongoing traumatising effect. This week’s quake was stronger, but mercifully there were only two fatalities.

You will not be surprised to know how I’m inclined to see what just happened: it could be considered as judgment but – more practicably perhaps – as an alert or warning and a call to intensive prayer.

The earthquake Monday struck just hours after visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry ended a number of closed-door meetings in Wellington with Prime Minister John Key and members of his government.

While Kerry was reportedly in that part of the world on business related to the Obama administration’s ‘climate change’ policy – he flew from Christchurch to Antarctica and back that weekend – this might have been a smokescreen designed to hide his real purpose: an effort to finalise a US-NZ understanding concerning the creation of ‘Palestine’ in the historical land of Israel.

Israel’s leadership and friends of the Jewish state have expressed real concern that a lame duck President Barack Obama might use his remaining time in office to serve the ‘two state solution’ on Israel via the UN Security Council, perhaps by refusing to use the United States’ veto in the event that France or another nation bring a resolution to this effect.

Those fears are running quite high just now, with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – against whom Obama is known to harbour personal animosity as well as a political grudge – reportedly bracing for a move.

Donald Trump’s victory in the election and his ability once president to negate Obama’s almost entire legacy could spur the latter to attempt this one last global-impacting thing.

Before flying to Antarctica, Kerry expressed gratitude for New Zealand having become “such a key contributor to global peace and security, including through their recent and very productive term on the UN Security Council”.

Sunday, after his discussions with Key, the two men gave a tightly-scripted press conference, permitting only three questions.

Apart from a mutual love fest on the relations between the two countries and, as mentioned, a primary focus on ‘climate change’, the press event gave barely a nod in the direction of the Syrian war and migrant crisis, “and many other international challenges from building schools to vaccinating children to the counterpiracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden”.

Glaringly absent was any reference to the usually omnipresent Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict.

Why is this notable?

It is notable because when New Zealand was rotated onto the Security Council on January 1, 2015 and Foreign Minister Murray McCully stated that his country’s two year term “will place us at the heart of international decision-making for the next two years,” a major goal of the Key government was to “punch way above our weight,” (of a total population of just five million) “and use the opportunity to push Israel and the Arabs effectively towards the ‘two state solution’”.

One day earlier – on December 31, 2014 – an Australian no-vote on that country’s final day on the Council narrowly thwarted an Arab effort to do what it is believed Obama might be about to try and achieve: the PLO sought to use the UN to garner internationally recognized statehood status via a Jordanian draft resolution that would have fixed a one-year deadline for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, requiring Israeli withdrawal to pre-1967 lines, and declaring Jerusalem the capital of ‘Palestine’.

Only Australia and the United States voted against that resolution – the Australian vote meaning that the US did not have to use its veto that time. (Obama could not then use his having done Israel this ‘favour’ as leverage when Netanyahu went to Washington to oppose the US-led nuclear agreement with Iran.)

As New Zealand’s entered the Security Council, McCully let it be known that, unlike Australia, his country would have abstained or perhaps even voted in favour of that Jordanian resolution.

In June 2015, as NZ was about to hold its first month-long presidency of the Council, Jerusalem expressed unease that Wellington was strongly considering concrete steps to force a solution upon Israel.

A French initiative in a similar direction appeared to stay the hand of the Key government at that time, but in mid-March this year, an angry McCully urged the UNSC to respond “appropriately” to what was termed an “Israeli land grab” after the Israeli government exercised its fully legal right (under both Israeli and international law) to appropriate non-private (i.e. state controlled) land near the Dead Sea.

McCully insisted (against the UN founding charter which upholds League of Nations-promulgated international law legitimising the close settlement by Jews of the ancestral heartland of the Jewish people) that these “settlements” contravene international law.

“Israel’s settlement activity continues to threaten the viability of a two state solution,” he fumed. “For the Council to do nothing while the scope for a ‘two state solution’ is completely undermined would be a total abrogation of its responsibilities.”

In August, Politik reported on the waning hope of the Key government to be able to realize its “much promoted Middle East showpiece plan” before its UNSC term expired:

“The plan was to have been a centrepiece of New Zealand’s time on the Security Council. [Still] New Zealand diplomats in New York are optimistic [their country] might still in its remaining four months on the Council be able to do something.”

The Times of Israel at the time referred to New Zealand as a “diplomatic bantamweight which, although the Key government had been considered a close friend of Jerusalem, is currently convinced that the peace process needs to be advanced, if necessary by forcing a solution on the parties”.

Key and McCully have just over a month left to Do Something.

And indeed, this past Sunday (November 13) the New Zealand Herald reported that one of the closed-door discussions between Kerry and Key was a potential UNSC resolution on the ‘two state solution’.

McCully had even raised the possibility of the US or New Zealand still sponsoring such a resolution.

“It is a conversation we are engaged in deeply and we’ve spent some time talking to Secretary Kerry about where the US might go on this. It is something that is still in play,” he told reporters (my emphasis).

While Donald Trump’s administration will need to reflect on where it wants to go after January 20, McCully said, “I think there are some very important decisions that the Obama administration is going to have to make in its lame duck period on this issue”.

He called the meeting with Kerry, “a wonderful opportunity to compare notes about how [America and New Zealand] see the few weeks ahead. [It is] a narrow window of opportunity for international diplomacy”.

Added a Foreign Ministry spokesman: “If the US is in the sort of lame duck period now, perhaps [it is] more likely to push something across the line just because there is nothing riding on it for the US, and therefore, be able to get it through the Security Council.”

As I write, McCully is on his way to the Middle East to meet with Jordanian, Israeli and PLO leaders. The topic of these meetings will not be climate control.

How then should we respond?

In 2017, Australia and New Zealand will together celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba, where ANZAC soldiers were at the spear point of the British forces that liberated the Holy Land from the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

In the tradition of its century-long strong friendship with the Jewish people and their state, Australia has hitherto mostly withstood those who are trying to impose the creation of ‘Palestine’ on Israel. May God continue to strengthen that nation to do so.

Netanyahu has announced that he will visit Australia early next year; the first sitting Israeli prime minister to do so. Perhaps in recognition of its stand against global anti-Israelism? Christian Zionist Aussies are preparing to welcome him and to strengthen him by their show of support for Israel.

New Zealand has, unfortunately, been leaning in another direction. Whatever the Key government may or may not be planning, however, it has issued a formal invitation to Netanyahu to visit New Zealand too – this is a bright point on New Zealand’s blackened record – and Kiwi Christians have written to the Israeli leader asking him to include their country in his itinerary.

Since announcing his planned diplomatic push Down Under, Netanyahu’s office has gone on to add Fiji to his itinerary, indicating his program is not finalised and that he may still be able to include New Zealand, which so far is not on the list.

May God use this window of opportunity to lead and direct an effective Christian response in that land at this critical time.

Here are the points to understand:

In the next six weeks, the clock will tick towards year’s end and towards the end of Key and McCully’s UNSC dream – very little time to make New Zealand’s two years on the UNSC count for something in their eyes.

At stake is the ANZAC spirit which 100 years ago spurred Aussie and Kiwi Diggers, with daring and courage, to lead the British charge and liberate the Jews’ ancestral land from Ottoman control.

This spirit of ANZAC – used by God and something rightly to be patriotic about – is in the enemy’s direct firing line. He has six weeks to try reverse a 100-year-old victory and see Muslim control returned to the heart of that land.

Going by statements expressed during the election campaign, a Trump administration might indeed effectively continue wielding the US veto and thwart efforts to create ‘Palestine’ at the UN.

If, however, the enemy succeeds in upending the ANZAC spirit through a US- and NZ-driven pro-‘Palestine’ resolution in the Security Council, we Christians need to understand that the God of Israel is the Author and Upholder of Scriptural declarations such as those embodied in Genesis 12:3 and Joel 3:1-2.

His avowed intent to realize these statements is not some vague suggestion about what may happen on a dim and distant horizon. It is His active living Word for right now, and for every single moment until Messiah comes.

16 Nov 2016 18 comments
  • Chris Garvie November 22, 2016 at 13:30 /

    Israelites are Father God’s children. We gentiles who have believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah and have trusted in Him are grafted in the true vine. So we become children of Abraham by faith. Sadly too many Christians and non-Christians have forgotten this. And we therefore forget or have never understood the 3 fold promises Yahweh has given to Israel. As, or should I say when, pastors teach their people the truth about this rather then focus on healing and personal prosperity, which includes healing, we will see more prayer for Israel and more politicians take the correct stand for Israel. Father will have His way but He has called us to pray for Israel and our Nation. We need not be slack about this and rely upon the past. Or testimony is not what happened in the past but where we and what we are doing here and now.

  • Isobel Marsh November 19, 2016 at 13:33 /

    Hi all, I’ve been reading all of this and it just suddenly occurred to me that my (Christian) daughter and her Christian husband (plus then, my only one Grandson) had visited NZ in 2011 (my son-in-law is from there ) and had experienced those dreadful earthquakes. Their lives had been mercifully and miraculously spared against all odds – sudden last-minute changes to their itinerary etc. Wow! i just praise God for Australian pro-Israel support back then, and continue to pray that our Government will continue to support Israel in spite of ridiculous pressure to ‘cave in’ to (completely unfounded, unsubstantiated) international bullying of Jewish people.

  • Patricia Wade November 19, 2016 at 07:10 /

    Regarding this matter – I believe that the force of Netanyahu and Donald Trump united will be of the Lord…whatever Obama and his UN allies try to do against Israel, will backfire. The Lord will give wisdom and successful strategies to Israel (Netanyahu) and the USA (Trump), and the plot of the wicked will unravel. As we pray in agreement that the Lord’s prophetic plan for Israel will be fulfilled, the Lord will confound Israel’s enemies…I would not want to be them.

  • Venessa Hofmann November 19, 2016 at 02:55 /

    Thank you Stan for putting out the alert! I certainly did not know about Kerry’s meeting and NZ’s desire to have an impact on decision regarding the push to force a 2 state ‘solution’. Urgent prayer is certainly needed and may God’s army rise up and pray. I am absolutely gob-smacked! “Let God Arise and His enemies be scattered”

  • Nick Wagner November 18, 2016 at 02:30 /

    Surprising to me were the dozen or so YouTube videos posted by various people claiming to have had visions and revelations that Donald Trump was chosen by our Lord Jesus to be the next President of the USA. At first I thought these people were open to suggestions from other sources: until I watched Trump, himself, state categorically in a speech to American Jews that as President he would move the US embassy to Jerusalem; and recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Now I know why God has appointed him at this time. This will be a political earthquake of magnitude 10.

  • Teshuvah November 18, 2016 at 01:19 /

    On July 15, 2004 from the Bay of Plenty former PM Helen Clark broke off diplomatic relations with Israel re the “Mossad” passport issue. Three days later a breach occurred in the Rangitaiki River stopbank just upstream of Edgecumbe leading to the Bay of Plenty Flood in NZ which caused many millions of dollars of damage. This was just one of her anti-Israel acts that caused judgment to fall on her and on NZ.

    “In July 2004, the eastern Bay of Plenty was extensively flooded when a frontal system stalled over the area, causing prolonged and intense rain. The Whakatāne River spilled into Whakatāne’s central business district and the Awatapu area. Water had to be released into the Rangitāiki River from the Matahina Dam to prevent the dam from bursting. The Rangitāiki overflowed above Edgecumbe, creating a 100-metre-wide breach in its stopbanks. Flood waters entered Te Teko and Edgecumbe, and swamped some 17,000 hectares of farmland.

    At the height of the floods, about 3,200 people had to leave their homes, many sheltering in evacuation centres and on local marae. A swarm of shallow earthquakes north-east of Rotorua added to the misery, triggering many landslides on saturated hillsides. In all, more than 450 farms were affected by the floods, with over 200 homes made uninhabitable.” – — I watch for accounts like this. There are more but I won’t take the space here to mention them.

    On Nov. 13, the day before the big M7.8 quake Bishop Brian Tamiki preached (link on his FB account) saying the judgment of God was coming to NZ because of sin in particular homosexuality. PM John Key called him stupid. TV and Radio people echoed Key’s sentiments. Going just by the “Likes” on and Comments section, there is a huge Silent Majority in NZ just as there is in the US who voted in Trump. These people vote. Whether there are enough to withstand the Socialist, Communist, Globalist agenda remains to be seen.

    The Super Moon was the biggest in 70 years and caused the quake exactly 70 years and 6 months after Israel became a nation. It is a big sign.

    Zec 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

    Ps 105:7 He is the LORD our God: his judgments are in all the earth.

  • Denise Musgrave November 18, 2016 at 00:16 /

    Thanks Stan for alerting us to this situation and urgent call for prayer!

  • Lynne Baker November 18, 2016 at 00:14 /

    Your comment regarding Obama as a lame duck President who might use his remaining time in office to serve the ‘two state solution’ on Israel, brings to mind the actions of satan – he knows his time is short, so is trying to do as much as possible to “bring himself glory”. BUT GOD is in control, and has, is and forever will be Victorious over the enemy and man’s ungodly plans. Praying always for His land and people, Israel and the Jews.

  • Koi November 17, 2016 at 20:36 /

    Hallo, I live in America and I too have been religiously following a UN resolution to split Israel. My reason has been because about 3 years ago God confirmed the truth of a project by a man who said He had a vision of America having an earth shattering earthquake on account of it “splitting His land”. When I read what happened to NZ after talks with Kerry I just started to re-read earthquake emergency plans.
    Notably the way God confirmed this vision was because the previous night I was reading the story in the Bible where a Jewish Levi had gone to her his wife but had to sleep over somewhere. The men in that town demanded that he hand her over and he did but remained safe inside while they ravaged her to death outside. I wondered about its meaning and placement in the Bible. The next day I saw this mans prophecy and on further investigating him found that he had had another dream in the past that was also online. In this dream he found himself preaching on the passage I’d been reading about and he preached that the Levi was the Christian church that was concerned over nothings in its warm churches while its wife America was being ravaged. In other words stop sleeping fight for your country.
    Play for America as well. Pray for mercy if God decides to punish us with a devastating earthquake that our children are spared and that all may take heed on a God who is in charge and take seriously where America is in the spiritual.

  • Yonit Klein November 17, 2016 at 15:17 /

    Thank you for shining light on this, Stan. It’s now visible and we can pray. Israel will be fine (albeit through many dangers, toils, and snares), but New Zealand is in danger. Your message helps a lot to know what is actually going on.

  • Gem November 17, 2016 at 13:11 /

    Crucial to be supporting Israel’s rights to the land. Check out this video.

  • Anne Bell November 17, 2016 at 06:03 /

    Harper went from Canada…Trudeau is another ‘Pharaoh who knew not Joseph’ & God notices…New Zealand sides with Israel’s enemies & God notices…each nation’s Christians have a duty to get their eyes off their navels, start seriously praying 2 Chron.7:14 into reality, & reading the Book like God means what He says…especially about Israel in our day…(keep up the good work, Stan)

  • Carole kirton November 17, 2016 at 05:06 /

    God’s Word never returns to Him empty! It accomplishes the purpose for which it is sent out!
    Australia is praying for Israel .. Joel 3:9-11 …
    God’s army is ready…

  • Jenny Cain November 17, 2016 at 04:16 /

    That certainly is a matter of concern and prayer. An uncle of mine was in that charge on Beersheba and it was a highlight of his life! We were there for the 90th reinactment!

  • Graham Coffey November 17, 2016 at 04:13 /

    A very well constructed, and telling article. At times New Zealand scares me…more so the advancing period from Lange onwards. I live across the Tasman ditch….a nice safe distant from McCully.

  • Ann Blackwell November 17, 2016 at 02:19 /

    It all makes sense now…… Once again people have not heeded the warning regarding Israel.

  • Sherrie Moore November 17, 2016 at 02:05 /

    I am shaken by this article. Truly shaken. It is like a “watch the hand” moment in history. All eyes are everywhere while the other hand is doing its dirty work. Help Yeshua. Thank you for being an observant and obedient watchman.

  • Barbara Flewelling November 17, 2016 at 01:10 /

    My greatest hope for Israel, and her protection from all foreign interference regarding a “Palestinian” state, is that: GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE! May His will be done!! \o/