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The absence of Christian outrage

The absence of Christian outrage

Posted by Stan in Battle for the land

What is NOT baffling is that UNESCO (and any organization connected with the United Nations or geared for globalism) will refute and repudiate the connection between Israel and the burial place of Abraham, Isaac (not Ishmael) and Jacob/Israel (not Esau), and between the Jews and any part of Jerusalem, especially those that today lie within and closely around the walls of the Old City.

What is not in the slightest bit mystifying is that the international community – politically-speaking – assiduously and unremittingly condemns the building of Jewish communities precisely in those parts of the land where the Patriarchs who lie buried in Hebron walked when the One calls Himself everlastingly the “God of Israel” gave it by oath and vow and covenant to them and their descendants (again, through Isaac and Jacob and not through Ishmael and Esau) forever.

It is hardly a news item that the overwhelmingly anti-God-of-the-Bible and anti-Christ world rejects the Jews’ title to this land and instead claims it for a non-entity – a historical never-has-been now universally known as “the Palestinians.”

Nor that those who reject the root religion upon which Mohammedism was fraudulently attached, and embrace the false attachment, should try to corroborate their version of “God and Man” while rubbishing the original one.

No – there is nothing surprising or confusing about the Hebron vote June 7 by UNESCO – or by its vote three days before on Jerusalem.

They have no shame – these fools who come out in support of a “Palestine” that has never existed, and which cannot make a single verifiable historical argument in support of its “history”, while they reject millennia of documented evidence – archeological and written – that solidly supports ONLY the Jewish claim to these sites and to this land.

Useful idiots – nations that are so fearful of Arab and Muslim threats and acts of violence; nations whose eunuch leaders are unable to withstand these Muslim-Arab lies to the faces of the liars that they will cast their votes in support of fabrications and deceit.

Their behaviour is – in this second decade of the 21st century – as predictable as it is despicable.

What IS perplexing to the point of infuriation is the way what was once an overwhelmingly Christian West – with its foundations set in the bedrock of millennia-old Judeo-Christian – AKA Biblical – history, whose systems of law and justice are rooted in this Bible upon which their presidents and prime ministers place their hands in oath when they enter office – that these nations have neither the courage nor conviction of their foundational faith nor pride in their national birthright to withstand, excoriate, spurn and scornfully reject votes and rulings like these passed by UNESCO – and like UN Security Council Resolution 2334 of 23 December 2016 that rejected all Jewish title to the cradle of their nationhood and was shamefully permitted passage by the godless Obama administration.

Oh, some say, who cares? Who or what is UNESCO? Why is its “inscribing” so important, so worrisome any way? And what weight, after all, does even a UNSC resolution have that it should keep Israelis awake at night?

If only they could be ignored. But these rulings matter a great deal, for they add brick and mortar to what has become the towering edifice of lies that is the “Palestinian cause” – a cause which seeks to bring about not the peaceful and promising creation of a country called Palestine, but the complete and utter destruction of a country called Israel.

Make no mistake – as much as Israel’s annihilation is being worked towards in Iran’s subterranean nuclear weapons facilities, it is being arranged in the halls and chambers of the United Nations and its anti-Semitic and anti-Christian organs.

And it can be, thanks to the almost complete absence of Christian outrage.

We are children of Abraham by faith in the Jewish Messiah. No one would guess that it is OUR fathers whose identity is being stolen and whose graves are being robbed.

08 Jul 2017 13 comments
  • Jacqueline Lockhart July 12, 2017 at 06:07 /

    I’ve heard it said recently that we are in the post-Christian era. I find this shocking as an active Christian. I know the prophecies. The Global leaders are kidding themselves. There will be a Second Coming; the timing will be perfect and Israel will be redeemed as promised.

  • Robin Andrews July 12, 2017 at 03:01 /

    Couldn’t agree more Stan! But I have posted this article on Facebook …trusting many more will read it and take action!
    And I praise God for many who DO speak up and defend Gods people and His
    Land….looking forward to seeing you here in Australia 🇦🇺 soon.robin andrews …we have a group here in Geelong that meet and pray fortnightly for Israel..Bless Israel Group…..

  • Samuel Stephens July 10, 2017 at 05:10 /

    No matter what the godless UN says, the biblical fact is Israel/Jews have title deed to the land and history associated with the land. Since Arab/Islamics can’t get rid of the Jew through physical force, they resort to lies and deception to nibble away but to no avail, the Jew is still present now and forever. PTL.

  • Linda Russ July 9, 2017 at 22:42 /

    So many of us work and pray for Israel Stan, these idiots dont speak for all of us. Whatever men do nothing will stop G-d fulfilling His word to His people. The greater the opposition to Israel the greater the glory to Him when His will is done!

  • Stephen Hiller July 9, 2017 at 22:04 /

    Outstanding article repeating what I have said many times … or maybe I have been repeating what you have said before and have now put in print. Any chance you could get Bibi Netanyahu to read this? He doesn’t seem to read the Bible he claims to study .

  • Gary Bertnick July 9, 2017 at 18:01 /

    Our lawless world made ready for the “lawless one” and the beast kingdom.
    But our King will stride down the Mount of Olives and walk into the heart of the rebuilt temple.
    We’re involved in a running battle with the evil one and his godless slaves. The Lord told us to be cunning and shrewd. And to “make the most of every opportunity” for His Kingdom. The Spirit of Love compels us ; we will remain faithful!

  • Delta Vines July 9, 2017 at 06:29 /

    I, for one, am outraged. When I first read the news online, I was stunned. Then I felt sick to my stomach. Then, I posted on my FB page how UNESCO is making any type of “peace deal” between Israel and the PA possible. Why are the nations afraid of standing up? They see the attacks in Europe and are afraid of painting a bullseye on the back of their individual nation for more attacks. UNESCO lost their credibility with me decades ago. I pray it does the same with Christians and Jews in today’s time as well. UNESCO has not acknowledged ANY Jewish Israeli sites. Question: how do individuals make their displeasure with UNESCO known?

  • Dawn Yonah July 9, 2017 at 04:45 /

    Exactly, Stan! This absurd UNESCO ruling not only insults Jews, but challenges the authenticity and authority of the Bible. Where are the Christians, indeed! I’ve often wondered why they don’t challenge the use of the man-made and illegal term, “West Bank”?! Do they ever wonder where Samaria and Judea are today … or, are they just not reading their Bibles?!

  • Lynne Baker July 9, 2017 at 02:15 /

    How shamefully true Stan. Can you please tell me – how do we do this outrage against such bodies as the UN? I have personally sent letters and copies of books on our Australian heritage of standing with Israel to several Prime Ministers – urging them to be vocal concerning the truth of Israel’s right to their land. Sadly I have not had a response from any of them. Perhaps these letters should go to church leaders? Thank you for being a voice of truth.

  • Gemma Blech July 9, 2017 at 01:23 /

    Stan if only your honesty and clarity would stir the ‘Christian world’ to true repentance and action

  • Barbara Flewelling July 9, 2017 at 00:29 /

    How accurate your statement is, Stan!…And the fact of it’s truth is it’s own blood guiltiness condemnation of those watered-down and weak-minded “Christians” who would speak of their loyalty to Israel, while standing in the shadows of non-committed safety. But, HaShem sees and knows the sincerity of each and every heart. It is He who will make the final statements of “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”..or… “I never knew you!” Scary thought!

  • Carole kirton July 9, 2017 at 00:15 /

    Stan, we do express our outrage and disappointment by signing petitions, emailing our government members and supporting Israel but it seems to no avail! We agree that our senior politicians, also some of our senior clergy are spineless in speaking up for justice and truth… But we don’t give up we press in to God, he alone knows the end from the beginning! Thank you for speaking up and speaking truth for Israel .