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On the US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish State

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Some points that have/will come up in discussion and debate on this, and how I see them:

Donald Trump acted to shore up his base/divert attention from his troubles
Presumption: Donald Trump just followed US Law, Congressional Acts passed with overwhelming bipartisan support to move the embassy. The six-month waiver was never intended to exist in perpetuity.

The United States will no longer be viewed as an ‘honest broker’
If true, this is a good thing. It can be argued that the United States of America should never have presented itself as an ‘honest broker’ to arbitrate between the Jews – with their narrative on the Land of Israel – and the Arabs – with their Muslim narrative on Palestine. America is a Judeo-Christian country, not a Judeo-Christian-Muslim one. While there is an intense effort by secular humanists to deny the Biblical foundations and roots of the United States and to serve the country up as a multicultural one, the historic record giving the lie to their efforts is unassailable. Great Britain and the rest of Europe might be post-Christian (which helps explain their pro-Arab slant) but the United States is still very much regarded as a Christian country. The more it comes down on the side of the Jewish people and state, the closer it America will be to the source of its own nationhood, and true to it.

In 1967 Israel took Jerusalem by force
False: In 1948 it was Jordan that took half of Jerusalem by force in an act of belligerent war against the new Jewish state. The prior sovereign in the city (and in all of the area called Palestine) had been the Ottoman Turkish Empire, which lost dominion when it was defeated in World War 1. Jordan’s conquest was an attempt at aggressive territorial acquisition which is a violation of international law. What Israel did in 1967 was recapture Jerusalem in a war of self-defense legal under international law.

Israel is an illegal occupier in ‘East’ Jerusalem
Blatantly False: Under international law, based on a whole slew of documents and legal rulings underwritten by the international community in the form of both the League of Nations AND the United Nations, Israel has full legal title to the entire city of Jerusalem.

The UN Partition Resolution 181 legally established Jerusalem as a corpus separatum – separated body
False: By declaring Jerusalem a corpus separatum in Resolution 181 the UNGA violated its own Founding Charter – and thereby international law – which holds as fundamental the concept of self-determination – the right of all people to decide their own political status and to freely pursue their own cultural, economic, and social development. Since 1860 Jerusalem has had a majority Jewish population and if their right to self-determination had been upheld in 1947 they would have voted for the city to be part of the new State of Israel.

Israel is wrong to view Jerusalem as a single, undivided city
False: In 1967 Israel restored – and since then has continued – a 3000-year-old reality. From the days of King David until 1947 Jerusalem was always an undivided city. It is Jordan, and Jordan alone that illegally conquered and illegally divided the city.

Israeli building in “eastern Jerusalem” is illegal under international law
False: International law holds firmly that Israel has full legal title to the entire area known as Palestine including Jerusalem. This title was granted by the world powers meeting as the League of Nations at San Remo in Italy on April 24-25, 1920. The Palestinian Arabs and their champions can pronounce Israel in breach of international law until they are blue in the face. Israel isn’t. In legal terms there is nothing the United Nations General Assembly, the Security Council or any media investigation can do to dispute that Israel has full legal title to all of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a city holy to three faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam
False: Jerusalem is a Judeo-Christian holy city. It is mentioned 810 times in the Bible: 661 times in the Tanach (“Old” Testament) and 149 times in the “New” Testament. Abraham, David, Solomon and Jeremiah were here. Jesus, Peter, John and Paul (all Jews) all spent time in the city. All these men regarded Jerusalem as belonging to their nation and holy to their God. By stark contrast, the Quran mentions Jerusalem not once. Mohammed died before Islam caliphs conquered the city. He was never even here – FACT. The Haram el-Sharif and Al-Aqsa mosque were declared sacred to Islam after the religion had already been established.

President Trump will be responsible for any violence that erupts from recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Fallacy: To argue that moving an office can produce violence is to confuse the cause and effect of that violence. What causes the violent behavior is the unending hate-filled preaching and exhortation of Muslim clerics and Arab politicians who tell their followers that terrorism and killing is a legitimate response to their belief that they are being wronged. Dire predictions that are coming from the Muslim world are more threats than warnings. The “warnings” of the PLO’s Abbas, Jordan’s Abdallah, Turkey’s Erdogan, Iran’s Khamanei are themselves deliberately designed to inflame terrorism.

Regarding Jerusalem as Israel’s capital destroys any chance for peace
Manifestly false: For a quarter of a century, during which the world has refused to recognise Israel’s right to call Jerusalem its capital, peace has slipped further and further away. Since 1993 Israeli governments have handed over to the Arabs blocs of land and the reins of self-government in exchange for promises of peace. Instead Israel has been repaid with increasing terrorism, violence and war. In 2005 Israel forcefully uprooted 10000 of its own citizens from their homes and gave the Gaza Strip to the PLO. The land was immediately turned into a terrorist training base and a launching pad for thousands of rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. The Arabs have been encouraged by their own leadership and by their champions worldwide to continue on the road of violence, lionizing their terrorists, naming streets and sports fields in their honour, and financially rewarding and incentivising killers of Jews by giving an income to their families. It is nonsense to argue that continuing to deny Israel the right to declare Jerusalem its capital will facilitate peace. That’s been tried ad nauseam.

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