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Israel and the Gentiles

Praying the Psalmist’s bold prayer

Unspeakably and abysmally, pitilessly and cruelly is how we Gentiles have dealt with the Jews through thousands of years. For centuries before the destruction of Jerusalem, Greeks and Romans violently sought to coerce Jews away from their God and their faith. Over the 2000 years…

27 Mar 2016 Posted by Stan in Israel and the Gentiles 8 comments

A winepress, and an ark

‘God is readying His winepress.’ As clear as a bell, the words dropped into my spirit as I heard the news that the P5+1 had concluded their Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran (JCPAI). It is certain that the USA, Germany, France, China, Russia…

19 Sep 2015 Posted by Stan in Israel and the Gentiles 2 comments