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ISRAEL IN PROPHECY / The land and the people are at the center of all end time events





To be correctly approached, understood and responded to,End of Days Biblical prophecy must be viewed through an Israel-centric lens.


All prophecies pertaining to the end of the age should be seen in the context of God’s focus on this nation and their land.

This is not my opinion, it is the Lord’s point of view. The whole Bible supports this.

The Book of books is all about God’s plan to redeem His fallen creation. Central to that plan, as far as the bulk of Scripture is concerned – whether in terms of overall volume, emphasis, focus or thematic consistency from start to finish – is the land of Israel as the geographical stage on which God works out His plan, and the nation of Israel as the channel through which He brings it to pass.

It is surely instructive that the most used proper noun in the King James Bible after “Lord,” 7365 times, and “God,” 4293, is “Israel,” 2509 times. (“Church” appears just 141 times.)

To obtain and maintain our bearings we cannot but keep Israel front and center. To assign this land and nation to some lesser area of significance; to place the Church, or the “Rapture,” or the “great Tribulation” or the Antichrist at the center, or before Israel, can only lead to a lopsided view of where we are, how we got here, and where we are headed.

The signs we are to watch for – all the one’s Jesus pointed to when He answered His disciples’ questions about what lay ahead and what would signify His coming and the end of the age – are inextricably linked to physical Israel. Israel can in no way be just another piece of “the prophecy puzzle.”

Because many Bible teachers in the western world do see Israel in this rather limited way, they relate wrongly to this nation. Yes, Israel is included in their End Time scenarios, sometimes even playing a major part, but the emphasis is placed on the Church triumphant; Judah somehow languishes, left to play a kind of rearguard action – enduring trouble and tribulation while the Church celebrates the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Such teachers wow their readers and audiences with often glibly delivered predictions about cataclysmic disasters they believe must still befall Israel.

One, in a ‘Mideast Prophecy Update’ on December 15, 2013, described how the times ahead are “perilous for Israel, exciting for us.”

While not exhaustive, my reading suggests that many if nor most the big-name prophecy buffs keep Israel in a special part of their experimental prophecy laboratories. Israel is something we watch, cheer on, warn, and even applaud, while we wait on our ‘rapture.

Instead of praying about how the Lord might wish us to participate in what He is doing, we are content to be spectators.

It’s not supposed to be this way.

As Believers, there is a great deal to be excited about, but that excitement is meant to be WITH Israel, not outside of her.

Far from presaging gloom and doom, Israel’s physical restoration as foretold by all the prophets portends great hope and real peace for a nation that has experienced unparalleled persecution and suffering; that has “Hope” as its anthem, “peace” as its most popular salutation.

Instead of causing Christians to look for the quickest and most secure “exit,” the return of the Jews to their land and their survival in it against all conceivable odds should engender anticipation and motivation for Believers. And it should entice or encourage us to come alongside the Jews – to participate in all that lies ahead for them.

Four thousand years ago, the story began here – in this land and with the founding fathers of this nation. Two thousand years ago it continued here, in this land and with the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Two thousand years later, it is all coming together here, in this land and with the restored remnant of the Jewish people.

What is happening today is readying this planet for the unfolding of the most climactic event of the ages: the King is returning, not just to the planet, but specifically and purposefully to this land and to this nation!

Dispensationalism would have us, “the Church,” enjoying our own, separate, glorious End-Time program, while Israel goes alone – unbelieving and terrified – through hers.

The Bible in fact teaches something so very different. To understand it, to see it and to flow with it, we need to relate rightly to Israel. We need to see Israel as the Lord sees her, at the very center of the earth and of His redemption plan – the Apple of His eye.

On the articles in these pages, Israel will be the touchstone whereby we attempt to comprehend Scriptural prophecies and prepare ourselves to participate, as the Lord would have us do, in everything that lies ahead.