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VISIT ISRAEL / Walk where He walked as the Servant; where He'll soon come to reign as the King

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You will never be the same; your faith will never be the same!

Just think about it.

No voyage you plan, no holiday you take, no exotic country you save up to visit – there is no place on this planet that can, or ever will, come close to the experience of a journey to the Land God calls His own.

It was the Lord who chose, from time immemorial, that the little Land of Israel – set as it is in the center of the earth – would be the stage upon which He would unfold His plan of salvation and redemption for the world.

Without the Land of Israel you would have no Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Joseph would not have saved Egypt, and Moses would not have brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and through the Red Sea. There would have been no conquest of Canaan under Joshua, for whom the sun and the moon stood still. Where, one wonders, would Gideon, Samson or Deborah have lived out their lives, and what would have been the purpose for their existence? David would never have been anointed by Samuel, fought Goliath, nor gone on to found an eternal dynasty.

And where then, would Jesus, the Son of David, have been born – and in whose line? No Jesus means no crucifixion and so no resurrection, which equals no salvation. There would have been no Bethlehem, no Galilee, no Jerusalem, no Temple. Babylon and Rome would never have invaded, and the Jews (who would not in any case have been a nation) would not have been scattered across the earth to powerfully affect and influence mankind as they have. With no Gospel there would have been no disciples, no missionaries taking that good news around the world and impacting society wherever they went – no spreading of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Without Israel there would be no Bible.

Indeed, without the Land of Israel and the history that has played out through all the universally-known and beloved people of the nation formed in this great but tiny land – the rest of world history as most of today’s nations know it never would have been. Not that all of it has been good. But it is what has happened, and it has made our world.

There would have been no Roman church to impact global affairs – no birth of Islam, no Crusades, no Inquisition, no Reformation. No explorers to sail to the East or West – no founding of colonies in the Americas, Africa, Australasia. European dynasties would not have existed, and though there would surely have been wars – they would not have been the ones whose combined eventual outcome would lead to the existence of the nations we have today – my nation, your nation.

Yes, this is an  inexhaustible line of thought. But the facts of life on the planet we call Earth cannot evade the profound truth: Virtually everything we know, all we have experienced, and all we expect to experience in the future, has its origins in this land and in the nation that came from it.

When you visit the Land of Israel, you visit the womb of our Judeo-Christian way of life – the cradle of your existence, the cradle of your faith.


And there’s more.

Israel is not only the origin of our present, it is the centrepiece of our future.

As a faith-filled Christian today, you have a compelling cause for coming to Israel – a personal purpose the ramifications of which will be eternal.

Four thousand years after Abraham was called to plant his seed in this soil; and 2000 years after Jesus was born here, the ‘wheel’ has again come around. Humankind entered the 21st Century with its focus fixated on this land and its people. Politically-speaking – with an exception or two – the gaze from the four points of the compass is hostile. The international community is entangled in the controversy for Zion; obsessed beyond reason and out of all proportion with the goings on on this geographical postal stamp.

For more than four decades, the global mass media has worked at demonising and delegitimising Israel. Its achieved success is beyond the wildest dreams of Israel’s foes. International surveys now annually find that Israel is seen as posing the biggest threat to world peace. The Jewish state is believed to be a belligerent, a thief or – at best, a national rendition of Shylock or Fagin – when it comes to the “poor Palestinians'” land. Israel abuses human rights, perpetuates the plight of the Palestinian refugees; commits war crimes; uses excessive force against its “defenceless” enemies; scorns international law and, from some murky place behind the scenes, pulls the strings that control Western power and that could lead to the outbreak of the next Middle East war, with the expected end result of a victorious “greater Israel.”

Just as during the centuries the masses believed that the Jews in Dispersion were guilty of deicide, that they had poisoned wells, set London ablaze,  used the blood of kidnapped Christian children to make unleavened bread for Passover, and triggered World Wars 1 and 2 – so today the public perception in many, many lands has been polluted with propaganda about the nature and behavior of the Jews regathered in their land. Modern day blood-libels abound – and the international audience has shown that it is ready and willing to believe them.

Israel’s Jews feel isolated and alone. Surrounded by hundreds of millions who hate them and would have them dead, their future has appeared bleak, and still does.


But Israel is not alone.

No matter how their nations stand politically towards her, millions of Christians support, love, pray for, and desire to visit Israel. Hundreds of thousands do.

So should you!

As a blood bought child of Abraham by faith, your destiny is bound up with the future of this people and their land. And that future has already begun! Visiting Israel will plug you right into it. It will profoundly change your life, impacting it forever. Your faith, your walk with the Lord, will be deeper and more meaningful than you ever imagined it could be in this life.

Come visit Israel. Discover the awesome truth for yourself.

Let your beautiful feet stand on the mountains; declare to this nation: “Behold your God.”
Come, breathe on these dead bodies, that they may live!