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Australia Can Still Lead The Way

One hundred years ago men from the Southern Hemisphere fighting under the flag of the British Empire opened the way for the Jews to come home. Today the battle is raging over Jerusalem. Donald Trump’s disinclination to announce his embassy’s move to the Israeli capital…

31 Aug 2017 Posted by Stan in RSS 5 comments

Vengeance is Mine, says the LORD

Yes, stand and applaud, damnable delegates to the Security Council who last night achieved your long-held goal of prohibiting Israel from building homes for Jews in the Jews’ own land. Soon you’ll be laughed to scorn. Congratulate yourselves, wretched representatives of the governments of New…

24 Dec 2016 Posted by Stan in RSS 55 comments

Siege in Sydney

SYDNEY – Australians were well into preparing for Christmas and New Year celebrations this Monday morning (December 15, 2014) when a meteor ploughed into the heart of this city and shook the nation. It came in the form of a hostage crisis – still ongoing…

15 Dec 2014 Posted by Stan in RSS 21 comments

Whither Australia now?

PRAGUE – Czech citizens rallied in front of Prague’s Castle Monday in protest against militant Islamism and in support of Czech President Milos Zeman. … The public rally also called on the Czech government to maintain a fair and unbiased policy towards Israel, and referred…

23 Jun 2014 Posted by Stan in Israel and the Gentiles, RSS 8 comments